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Which operating system can the SAFE Panic Button be run on

The SAFE Panic Button is for Windows operating systems only.

Is it easy to move the SAFE button?

Yes, simply click and drag to a clear area of the screen. The SAFE button will always stay on top of any active applications.

Do I have to use the mouse to activate the Panic Button?

No. You can also use a designated function key CTRL + 6 to activate an alert or you can use a physical USB connected alarm button.

Can I cancel an alert if I’ve activated it by mistake?

Yes. If you accidentally activate an alert then just double click on the button again within approximately 10 seconds. An Alert Cancellation message will then be sent to every PC.

Do client PCs receive an audible alert?

Yes. When an alert is triggered all other PCs running SAFE will receive an audible alert. (if they have speakers and volume turned On). The machine triggering the alert does not make a noise and remains silent

Will the SAFE Panic Button software slow my PC down?

No. The software is an extremely small application that uses very little computer resources.

Do I have to pay the license each year?

Yes, there is an annual recurring license renewal charge of £197 ex-VAT.​

What support is available if I have any problems?

Telephone & email support is always available during our normal business hours. There are no additional charges, maintenance is included in the cost of the license. Contact Page here

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